Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend in Casablanca

I wanted to take some pictures of our daily life here in Casablanca, and had a chance to today!

Below is a Casablancan Dump Truck. A man was piling produce into this donkey-drawn cart, and I just thought the donkey was so cute. So, I started taking pictures. The man laughed at me, invited me to take some more, so I was able to get pretty close. I suppose everyone around thought, "why is that white girl taking all of those pictures of trash??"

From Morocco 2

From Morocco 2

Sorry this one is blurry- I was walking when I took this shot. There are many people on the street here, begging or just sitting. I'm not sure if this guy was actually as blue as he looks, but he captured my curiosity and my sympathy.

From Morocco 2

This is our street, Rue Fourat. On the left, where the people wearing white are standing, is the entrance to our building. Kids often play soccer in the street.
From Morocco 2


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  1. It's difficult taking pictures of "natives" of a country. You don't want to appear to be oogling, or insulting these people, yet they would make great subjects for photos and paintings. It's nice when you find someone who likes their pictures taken (for free). In Mexico it was a business having your picture taken. Took all the fun out of it. Love, Judy