Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thoughts from the First Week of School

This is the first week of school, and I get to teach 2nd and 5th grade for the next four weeks. The first day of school was quite an adjustment for me; the culture and the language prove to surprise me with new challenges and different student behaviors. I have adjusted, and will continue to adjust. I’m thankful for the chance to learn to teach English Language Learners and students of a culture other than my own.

My students are kind. Little girls give me lots of hugs, and all students are helping me learn their names and laughing when I mess them up. MAN! Do I ever butcher those names! Naser-Allah, Abdurrahman, and Chadi are especially hard for me to pronounce. The kids are happy music students- they LOVE to sing (they are very good at it) and have been inquisitive and enthusiastic about what I’ve got up my sleeves. The teacher before me has prepared them well.

I am working hard at writing the music curriculum and my classroom integrations. The learning benchmarks are up to me to revise, and my formal unit plans go onto a formalized curriculum. I’m excited to use new knowledge from my Master’s degree.

Well, it’s time to rest so I am ready for tomorrow. I’m sure I will have some good stories to tell in the near future.


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  1. Wonder what type of music you'll be dealing with. Also, is music scored the same in different cultures? I'm truly impressed that the two of you are experiencing this with such a great attitude. Thanks for the update. Judy