Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hopeful Beginnings

My big musical goal for my time in Africa is satisfied! On Saturday, we piled into three cars and drove out of the city (first time since we got here) to a farmhouse where we planned to drum for several hours. Jean-Claude (a parent of one of my students) organized the drumming event along with Mahesh (my coworker). We met up with a French teacher/composer who proceeded to teach us West African drumming, including ensembles from Mali, Senegal, and the Ivory Coast. Jamming on polyrhythms, joining in after "the call" (a set drum rhythm to tell us to begin), and listening to our teacher improvise on the djembe was a marvelous experience for me. I will likely take lessons each week and improve my djembe skills!

From Left to Right: Louis, Deanna, Me, Jean-Claude, Melek (whose parents' property we were on). The drum on the far left 
is a djembe. The drums on the far right are from Mali, and have a bass tone.

In addition to plotting my musical adventures, we spent the day planning for next weekend's holiday. We plan to take a
train to Marrakesh, then hop a bus to Essouaira. After about 6 hours of travel, we will be in a place of artists and
windsurfing. Tom already plans to race a camel on the beach, and take a 4-wheeler into the dunes. Pictures to come!

Buying tickets at the train station

Taking a Taxi home in Casablanca (LuAnn is on the left, Linda is on the right)

We walk by lots of mosques. This guy was standing outside, looking grumpy. I took a photo, I think without him noticing.
(Usually people are warm and friendly to us here- this guy is a phenomenon!)


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  1. Shane and I just went through your blog and enjoyed reading about your experiences thus far and seeing your photos. Shane got a kick out of the donkey "garbage truck" :) Thank you!