Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quads, Spices, and the Ocean

September 21, 2009

On our third day in Essaouira, Ramadan ended. For us, this meant that we could now eat in public without feeling rude; we welcomed this after a month of Ramadan!
The picture below is of me driving a quad on the beach for three hours. These are mild; the dunes were too sandy for the photos. It was fun!

After Quads, we were exhausted, but went anyway to the spice souk, or the spice market. If you ask about a spice, the man brings the jar, lets you smell its wonder, and bags any amount you like. The process also involves sitting down for a glass or two of tea after spending an hour or so picking out spices. The spices were varied and fresh; I bought some Moroccan tea, paprika, ginger, saffron, blends for fish, chicken, and couscous, to name a few. At the end, the spice guy gives you a “gift” for shopping at his shop. My gift a bit of closet perfume- very delightful smelled. Below are some pictures- to be there feels like going back in time, or like going into a witch's closet.

Spices! The bottom right one is "powder to make your grandma climb the walls. I kid you not.

The spiceman

We spent at least an hour in this tiny space

A very special kind of tea...

I wanted to share with you some other wonderful sights of Essaouira. I hope you enjoy!

A boy plays with dogs early in the morning

Dusting off pottery so I can see the patterns and colors

On the Squala de la Ville

A Man cleans his boat on the Port

A nice place to just hang out

Enjoying our last day in this beautiful place


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