Monday, April 19, 2010


We just spent Spring Break in Rome with some friends from work, Will and Pauline. I was delighted to be able to eat the gelato, creamy pastas, and cheese over there- after a year and a half of lactose intolerance, quatro fromaggi pizza never tasted so glorious! (You can see my pizza in one of the pictures). Rome is gorgeous, of course. Some highlights included the Coliseum (the guys, inspired by the gladiators, bought wooden swords), Vatican City, seeing the pope (he blessed you all!), the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum, Palatine hill (where Rome started), catacombs, Tableaux Vivants (see us looking like statues), and countless amazing church frescos. I learned so much and am amazed that artifacts are so preserved after so many years!

Of course, you will see that our time was filled with laughter as well...


  1. Karissa and Tom,

    We watched the video and loved it. Wow. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Glad you got to see the pope :)

    What was the orchestral piece you opened the video with?

    don and laurie

  2. Great video!! loved the music & the pics. I think Rome might be my very favorite city and you make me want to go back!!

    Jenny (& Jonathan)

  3. I have but one thing to say...


    Actually I guess I have another thing to say: Tom, weren't you paying attention at all when Colin jumped on the table and attacked Doc May with his plastic sword? Form, Moore! Keep those wrists straight!

    Wow, looks like you guys hit all the good stuff! Thanks for the pics, beautiful as always. --Sophie