Sunday, January 3, 2010

What, you no like drive inside?

Had to share some friends' experience. The same weekend we were in Marrakech, Jim and LuAnn (who teach with us at the school) were also there. To get to their riad (accommodations) in the medina (old city), they had to drive their rental car through!

In the words of Jim:
"You No Like Drive Inside? These were the loaded words posed by a scooter driver that was apparently challenging Jim's driving prowess and American know-how.For reasons of personal and national pride, Jim responded by a hell yes, "I drive inside". We actually made it to our destination without any real crisis, just some anxiety and a lot of nervous laughter. Moroccan life is quite an experience - uplifting and sometimes over the top, but we are loving it."

Enjoy a sample of Morocco. :)

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