Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas on a Camel

This year I had a dilemma to solve: how does one spend Christmas in Morocco? We stumbled upon a lovely solution while in Essaouira with our friends Vickie and Krista. In Essaouira we had a little tiny speck of a view of what things might have been like for Jesus... camels in the sand, donkeys around us in the city, people in turbans and flowy dresses, and open markets... Christmas and Camels. Remembering in a different way.

Vickie's camel, two-toe, wasn't enjoying the walk so much and kept sitting down and grunting. If you haven't been on a camel when it's sitting or standing, it's quite the surprising experience... every time. Traveling with these creatures over miles and miles would certainly be a challenging way to travel.

An Essaouira window wishing us the best. (courtesy of Krista)
Our camel beach (courtesy of Krista)
From Front: Vickie on Two-toe, Krista on Billain, Tom on Cappucino, and Karissa on Mustafa

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