Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daily Meknes Sights

I have been debating how to share Meknes (and Morocco!) with people who have never seen this place. So, here are the daily sights. (I still struggle to photograph people, hence the lack of that on this trip. The big camera sticks out too much!)

Someone's front door in the Medina

Meknes medina. There are 9 minarets (mosque towers) in the medina- you can see 3 here.
Also note the old wall in the foreground- this encircles the medina and features many large arched gateways.

The medina rooftops. From this vantage point, we heard the call to prayer from all of the 9 minarets simultaneously- I can only compare it to a vocal version of a cacophony of church bells. Fantastic.

Someone's home near an ancient palace.

Old men in front of an even older wall.
It's very common to see same-gender people be affectionate. (And not appropriate for opposite-gender people to show affection.) Just after this shot, I missed capturing two old men holding hands while crossing the street.

So typical- old entries, painted walls, cats, and new toys...
(this is the pink room where Tom and I met Hassan- read "Our Meknes Story")

Still life in a Meknes medina shop. All the teapots made me think of Aladdin...


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  1. I LOVE the picture in this post. It might want to live in my home. Would you be willing to send me the file? You can sign it when you are home this summer:)