Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going to Morocco!

Greetings! This August, we will become expats in Morocco for two years. We've signed teaching contracts with the Casablanca American School; Tom will teach high school IB English and I will teach K-5 (lower school) general music. Visit our school's webpage:

A lot of people are asking what we're doing to get ready. Fortunately, we don't have to worry about housing, visas, or flights; the school is taking care of that. We're both working to say fresh and present with our current students. I am being myself and planning WAYYYY ahead; already trying to figure out how I might cook a whole chicken or use a turkish toilet. (I have had three nightmares about the toilets already.) We have some great Moroccan culture and tourism books from friends and family that I have been reading. Come summer, our preparations will come full force, which definitely include seeing people before we go.

We are putting modest effort into learning Moroccan Arabic, and I am also brushing up on my French. Both languages are prominent (and even interchangeable) on the street, but Arabic is probably better because of the nation's history with France.


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